I have had countless individuals walk in my studio door and shyly say they were told as children to “never sing,” something that is both criminal and life changing. Singing is the vibration of sound within the body, accompanied by breathing, and is extremely healthy and healing. Many times I have had students either break out into laughter or tears, but no matter what their sound, it is a beautiful one.

For each and every student, from children to adults, I warm them up with the five basic vowel sounds: Ee, Eh, Aw, Oh, Oo. The very young will do these exercises for about five minutes, but as one progresses the time is longer. Then it’s time for songs!

Repertoire ranges from classical songs, oratorio and opera, to musical theatre and folk songs.

My main concern is the healthy vocal development of all my students, but I take extra care with the children, right up into their twenties. To that end I always choose repertoire that is age appropriate, and helpful in the development of these young voices.

Performances will include studio recitals, solos at community events, and opportunities for taking part in Penrhyn’s spring time oratorios, put on by The Ladies Madrigal Singers.